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Web Standards Compliancy Policy

What are web standards

Web standards were created so that people can create websites and be sure that they will look more or less the same on different browsers. They are written (as recomendations) by the W3C, a consortium of internet browser companies (like Microsoft and Netscape), web developers, site creation tool companies (like Macromedia), etc. If all web browsers would follow these standards, then site creators would be able to create their sites without having to worry about how the site will look on someone else's computer.

The most important standards are:

You can read more about webstandards and their importance on:

Our point of view

In our point of view the efforts of the w3c to create good, functional and usable standards are very important. We actively try to follow the standards as much as possible. You can test our efforts by clicking the XHTML-buttons or the CSS-buttons at the bottom of each page. These buttons will test the page in accordance with the XHTML- or CSS-standards, using the W3C's own testers.

Naturally web standards are an ongoing effort. If you find any problems or you have a suggestion to improve our web standards compliancy, please visit our suggestions page.

We also think that the web would be a better place if everyone would use standard compliant browsers and if every web designer would write standard compliant code. That is why we support the WaSP's browsehappy campaign.

We also like to think that the web should be accessible to every one, regardless of disabilty, that is why we also have an Accessibility Policy (and for those of you who are wondering what the other icon at the bottom of our pages is about: accessibility!).