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Francois Glorieux. Een leven voor de muziek. François Glorieux. Een leven voor de muziek.

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Cd "Praha" out now!


"Praha" the new cd of François Glorieux is finally available! It combines 23 compositions and evokes several memorable places of the golden city. This is probably the most contrasting and versatile record of the artist and offers the possibility to display his great musical passions : piano, brass and percussion in large or small ensembles, solo violin and strings, improvisations, arrangements and even song!

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01 December 2004

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Restyling francoisglorieux.com

Restyling francoisglorieux.com

Francoisglorieux.com has had a major restyling. After more than four years, the design and technology behind our site became outdated, so we recreated the whole site from the bottom up:

Please revisit our site regularly, as a lot of changes are expected in the very near future.

We hope you will have a nice experience visiting our new site. All your comments are more than welcome. You can contact us through our suggestions form.