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François Glorieux's Biography

Francois Glorieux. Een leven voor de muziek. François Glorieux. Een leven voor de muziek.

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Cd "Praha" out now!


"Praha" the new cd of François Glorieux is finally available! It combines 23 compositions and evokes several memorable places of the golden city. This is probably the most contrasting and versatile record of the artist and offers the possibility to display his great musical passions : piano, brass and percussion in large or small ensembles, solo violin and strings, improvisations, arrangements and even song!

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12 August 2005

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François's biography out now

François‘s biography out now

It is there ... finally. The fully authorised biography of François Glorieux. Describing a life and career as diverse as François‘s cannot have been an easy undertaking, but Henri Bultinck pulls it off with the necessary flair.

It is not a traditional biography. How would that be possible with someone like François Glorieux? It is an exploration of the life and work of a musician pur sang. The sometimes extravagant meetings and the many travels of the pianist - conductor - composer - improviser are told in a number of anecdotes. It also gives the critical reader a unique view into the often flawed cultural policies in Belgium and Flanders over the last decennia. The book contains lots of pictures and ends with a discography and an overview of his many compositions.

In short: an absolute must-have for every fan of François and his music. But be careful, it exists only in Dutch. Of course, nobody is stopping you to start learning Dutch right away :).

François made a trip to Prague last May, to celebrate the book going to the printers and of course he played a concert over there. We would not be francoisglorieux.com if we had not been able to put some pictures online.