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PrahaProbably his most versatile cd!

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Tracks: 17
74'16" minutes
Product Code: CD 13
Price: € 15.00
Weight Class: A

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The Belgian musician François Glorieux is a "special case" in the world of music: pianist, composer, conductor, professor, entertainer, arranger, founder of instrumental ensembles, he practises various musical genres ranging from classical (numerous concerts with the famous maestro André Cluytens) to pop (Michael Jackson asked him to write symphonic arrangements) not forgetting jazz (his name is often linked with Stan Kenton). Above all, he is unique for his astonishing improvisations with personal comments in five languages (a.o. Beatles songs). To illustrate his versatile career would require too much text, but a visit to the website allows the reader to realize the importance of his biography.

In 2007 - at the 50th anniversary of his career, François Glorieux released the CD Praha, musical confession of his love to the capital of the Czech Republic. In this project, as well as at many concerts in Belgium and in the Czech Republic, you can hear a voice of a Czech composer, singer and painter Richard Pachman ( ), who also realized the covers for the CDs “Romance” and “Praha”. He is called the "Czech Vangelis" in medias and has released 18 self composed CDs. As Mr. Glorieux likes Pachman´s pure melodies, both musicians decided, after the great success of project "Glorieux plays the Beatles", to create a new project "Glorieux plays Pachman". You will find colourful arrangements by Glorieux from Pachman' s solo CDs, a sample from his oratorio “Mistr Jan Hus” and also songs composed specially for this CD. This is the result of the work of 2 musicians, separated by borders of several countries and one generation, but connected by their warm friendship and their love for music.

Thank you for holding this CD in your hands...Thank you that both the musicians can be a small part of your days , thanks to this project..

Concerning this CD, François Glorieux said :
"The collaboration with Richard Pachman belongs to one of the best souvenirs of my musical career and I consider this CD as an example of deep nostalgy and intense melancholic poetry."


  1. Scarabeus Listen
  2. Arrival Listen
  3. Neodvolám Listen
  4. Myslenky Listen
  5. Wish Listen
  6. Veritas Listen

  7. Romance Listen
  8. Blessing Listen
  9. Foresight Listen
  10. Vyznání Listen
  11. For a Friend Listen
  12. Merry-Go-Round Listen
  13. Morning in Berlin Listen
  14. Green Wings Listen

  15. Last Dance Listen
  16. Predtucha Listen
  17. Prání Listen

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This cd can only be ordered by e-mail.