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Francois Glorieux. Een leven voor de muziek. François Glorieux. Een leven voor de muziek.

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Cd "Praha" out now!


"Praha" the new cd of François Glorieux is finally available! It combines 23 compositions and evokes several memorable places of the golden city. This is probably the most contrasting and versatile record of the artist and offers the possibility to display his great musical passions : piano, brass and percussion in large or small ensembles, solo violin and strings, improvisations, arrangements and even song!

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Belgian Brass - Hommage A Glorieux digital live concert

belgian brass

Belgian Brass is organising a livestream concert: "Hommage a Glorieux" on the 27th of April 2021 at 20.00.
You can see it on this link in livestream or click the player below

Cornwall and Czech article

Czech article

It's been a very long time since we updated the website and I would like to start by hoping you all stay safe during this global pandemic we are facing today.

We wanted to share this Czech article from the magazine Rytmus života about the collaboration between Mr Richard Pachman and Mr Glorieux.
Prague still holds a very special place in his heart. So here is page 1 and page 2, Czech language only unfortunately)


We were also very touched to see that Mr Glorieux' "Hymn to Humanity" was programmed in Cornwall alongside works of Williams, Sibelius and Beethoven.

25 July 2015




A few days before the Belgian National Day the announcement was released that François will receive the Belgian nobility title of "Knight" by King Philippe.

The announcement can be viewed on the following sites:

Focus WTV
De Redactie
Diplomatie Belgium

World Peace Night Cannes 2015

Worldwide Live Improvisations

François was invited by Richard Nilsson to perform at the World Peace Night during the 2015 Cannes Film Festival at Villa Oxygene.
Joe Jackson (Michael's father) was also present as special guest at this exclusive event organized in memory of Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela.

During the few days François stayed in Cannes, he was also invited on the famous red carpet.

You can find all pictures here.

28 November 2014

New cd releases

New cd releases

Worldwide Live Improvisations

This CD is undeniably an amazing and unique live document. Recorded in 16 different cities such as Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Salzburg, Johannesburg, Montreal, etc… and containing 22 improvisations suggested by an enthusiastic audience.
Recognized by the international press as a magician and phenomenon, François Glorieux demonstrates in the most contrasting and sometimes crazy requests an incredible talent. The Czech music critic Mirek Cerny wrote: “François Glorieux is the last and greatest improvisator.”

You can find all details here.

The Complete Works for Flute and Orchestra

This CD contains 19 remarkable intermezzi showing a great diversity of feelings : melancholy, sensuality, influences of Arabian as well as Latin-American and impressionistic style but also humour and sparkling virtuosity. The composer conducts the “Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra” (Riga) and the “Kiev Chamber Orchestra” (Ukraine).

You can find all details here.

27 September 2011

Upcoming concerts

Upcoming concerts

De Laatste Show

François was interviewed in multiple talkshows about his 55 years on stage and the upcoming 4 celebration concerts.
Here are 3 links of different interviews:

For tickets and info about the concerts check our events page.

Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

François received a "Celebrity Dot" in David Ilan's "Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait".

David Ilan is a celebrity artist who uses only hand-drawn dots to create his portraits, a technique called pointillism. He has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world for over a decade.

In his "Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait" every dot represents 1 person.
François is extremely honored to have been chosen to receive a "Celebrity Dot" close to Michael's heart.

Click here to view all the "Celebrity Dots".
Click here to view the François' "Celebrity Dot" page.

For more information please visit: www.michaeljacksontributeportrait.com

The newspaper "Nieuwsblad" also wrote 2 articles about this event:
-article 1
-article 2

You can view the pictures here.

DVD release: François Glorieux, A Musical Portrait

François Glorieux, A Musical Portrait

This intimate portrait is a musical search for the master player Glorieux, his versatility and his elusiveness. A musician-artist, a genius often compared to Leonard Bernstein. The documentary shows unique archival footage interspersed with interviews of the musician’s friends.

Director Dimke Haeghen delivers a fascinating portrait from one of Belgium's most legendary musicians who still manages to inspire young generations.

You can find all details here.

New cd release: François Glorieux, A Classical Piano Overview

François Glorieux, A Classical Piano Overview

This double cd can be considered as a unique document because it contains remastered recordings realized 40 years ago with works of Bach, Brahms, Schubert, Grieg, Scriabin, Prokofiev, Martinu, Guarnieri and the greatest Spanish composers, but also recent recordings of François' latest compositions.

A real "Panoply" showing the great diversity of the artist in his last classical piano cd.

You can find all details here.

New release of Tribute to Stan Kenton with bonus tracks

Tribute to Stan Kenton

After many demands the cd "Tribute to Stan Kenton" has been released again.
The original cd has been remastered and 3 bonus tracks were added.

This includes 2 vocal tracks featuring a duo between François Glorieux and Lady Linn and one new piano composition of Glorieux.

The 2 songs were originally performed by June Christy and Stan Kenton and belong to François' favorites.

You can find all details here.

26 December 2009

In Memoriam Michael Jackson

New cd release as a tribute to the King of pop

In Memoriam Michael Jackson

Following the death of Michael Jackson we re-released the "Tribute to Michael Jackson" cd, but added 2 versions of the newly composed "In memoriam Michael Jackson" and the vocal version of "Still hoping for peace" sung by Richard Pachman.

You can find all details here.

Emotional tributes to his friend Michael Jackson

Tribute to MJ

Deeply shocked by the death of his great friend and colleague Michael Jackson, François Glorieux appeared on several TV and Radio stations : VRT (De zevende dag, Belgium), ORF (Austria), RTL/TVI (Belgium), Nederland 1 Radio, Radio France,CZ TV,etc...

The way he played Michael's favourite ballad "She's out of my life" was in the Czech Republic one of François' most emotional moment of his life, first followed by 30 seconds complete silence of the audience and than 3 standing ovations!

Let us remember that Michael Jackson greatest wish was to appear in symphonic and instrumental versions of his most famous hits in personal arrangements by François Glorieux.

3 of them were already performed in concert with an incredible success by the "National Symphony Orchestra" (London) conducted by François Glorieux himself.(Bad, Liberian Girl, Smooth Criminal).

Other arrangements have been done by Glorieux on : Beat it, Billie Jean, Don't stop till you get enough, I just can't stop loving you and Ben. François also composed a suite of 8 pieces called "Tribute to Michael Jackson" describing the life of the "King of Pop".

A few links:

-VRT "De zevende dag" inteview (dutch)

-RTL/TVI news (french)

-Nederland 1 Radio "Dit is de dag" starting at minute 11.45

-Pictures of François with the "King of pop"

1 June 2009




Hafabra Music presents FRANCOIS GLORIEUX played by "The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides" conducted by Yves SEGERS with soloists Nick OST and Tom VERSCHOORE.

The scores are also available for purchase at www.hafabramusic.com

You can find all details here.

2 March 2009

In memoriam Jan Palach

In memoriam Jan Palach

In memoriam Jan Palach

After a successful concert tour in Prague, Olomouc, Litomysl, Horice and Ricany with his Czech colleague Richard Pachman in October 2008, François Glorieux has been officially invited by Pavel Bém, Lord Mayor of Prague at the city hall on the 19th of January 2009 and received the "Official Memorial Medal of the city of Prague".

The same evening François Glorieux was special guest for the great concert celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jan Palach's death and performed the Prague "première" of his compositions "In Memoriam Jan Palach", "Hymna pro Prahu" and the complete suite "Praha" by conducting the brass and percussion of the Czech Republic Army.
He also played his two works "Nightfall on Prague" and "Vinohrady" with violinist Jaroslav Sveceny as well as his piano improvisation on the famous "Vltava" and other works with Richard Pachman.

Three days before Glorieux was received by the Governor of the National Bank and presented the score of "In Memoriam Jan Palach" and the CD "Praha" to Jan Palach's brother.
An extreme emotional moment filmed by the Prague Television. The documentary can be viewed here

Another hommage to Jan Palach was given by François and Richard Pachman in Luxemburg,the 15th of January.

All the pictures can be viewed here

3 September 2008

Cd release: Romance

CD release: Romance


We are proud to announce that François Glorieux and Richard Pachman have released a new cd entitled Romance.
It's a mix of solo piano improvisations on themes of Richard Pachman, as well as duo with vocal.

Concerning this CD, François Glorieux said :
"The collaboration with Richard Pachman belongs to one of the best souvenirs of my musical career and I consider this CD as an example of deep nostalgy and intense melancholic poetry."

You can find all details here .

The new cd will be followed by a concert tour of both musicians together.

François on Myspace and Youtube

We have launched François' Myspace website at http://www.myspace.com/francoisglorieux .
Feel free to come visit us and leave us a comment.

We have also added multiple videos to Youtube

François conducting Krizikova Fontana part of Praha (2008):

François Glorieux and Richard Pachman - The Old Lady (2008):

François Glorieux - piano improvisation (2008):

François teaching Swiss students about classical music + an excerpt of Manhattan (70-80s):

François Glorieux conducting his Orchestra - In Memoriam Stan Kenton (1982):

François Glorieux conducting his Orchestra - Tribute to Stan Kenton(1982):

François Glorieux conducting his Orchestra - Gin Gila Gin Ni Saligenaku (1982):

François Glorieux conducting his Orchestra - Hymn to Humanity (1982):

François Glorieux conducting his Orchestra - Recuerdos de Viajes (1982):

Standing ovations for François Glorieux during his "Jubilee" concerts for his 50 years musical career

Concert of Minister Bert Anciaux

BRUSSELS. (18 april 2008) A special "Hommage to François Glorieux" was offered by Bert Anciaux,minister of Flemish Culture in the famous Studio 4 of the Flageybuilding.

Mr.Anciaux said : "François Glorieux' music is for a lot of people the cream of the crop and can be considered as one of our greatest and most versatile musical talent."

During this concert François conducted in the first part the "Radio Brass" with his compositions "Praha" and "Tribute to Stan Kenton" and in the second part the "VRO" (Flemish Radio Orchestra) with 3 world creations : "London Proms Overture", "Euphonium Concerto" masterly performed by Nick Ost and "Orgia" as well as "Régis Glorieux March". At the request of the audience and the orchestra "Orgia" has been played again as encore !

Pictures can be viewed here.

Concert of Minister Bert Anciaux

BRUGES. (23 may 2008) Another "Jubilee concert" has been given in the Concertgebouw by the "Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides" conducted by François Glorieux with almost the same program as well as "November" sensitively played by trombonist Tom Verschoore.
"London Proms Overture" has been played as encore !

Pictures can be viewed here.

Pianorecital in Antwerp

ANTWERP. (13 april 2008) Pianorecital with photos and illustrations in a special presentation by Robin David. (Arenbergtheater)

Pictures can be viewed here.

François decorated by King Albert II

François decorated by King Albert II

On the 20th of December 2007 François received his decoration of "Commander of the order of the Crown" from His Majesty King Albert II at the Royal Palace of Laeken.

François decorated by King Albert II

The RTBF program "C'est du belge" made a documentary about this event which can be viewed here.

François also had an immense success during his last 3 concerts in the Czech Republic. Pictures of one of the concerts have been added here.

07 September 2007

Praha released

Praha released

CD release

François' new CD PRAHA is now available in our shop.

The press conference in Kortrijk was a big success, you can view the pictures here

The anniversary/cd release was filmed by the "Rode Loper" on EEN (click to view)

11 August 2007

CD release

New CD release


The new CD PRAHA will be released at the double anniversary of "François Glorieux 75/50 years career" on the 27th of August. It is probably the most contrasting and versatile record of the artist and offers the possibility to display his great musical passions : piano, brass and percussion in large or small ensembles, solo violin and strings, improvisations, arrangements and even song!

The performers are : Jaroslav Sveceny, Richard Pachman, members of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Czech Radio, members of the Central Brass Band of the Czech Republic Army and the Cosy Brass Quartet. Music, piano and orchestral direction : François Glorieux. Production : Richard Pachman. Recording : Prague.

PRAHA combines 23 compositions and evokes several memorable places of the golden city, such as :"The Old Town Square", "Charles Bridge", "Wenceslas Square", "Petrin", "Vinohrady", "Hradcany", "The Fountains of Krizik", "The Cemetery of Vysehrad", "Certovka", "Bertramka", "The St.Vitus Cathedral", "Charles Street", "Vila Amerika", etc...

This CD has been sponsored by CORSENDONK BIER.

To celebrate this double anniversary many concerts are planned in Belgium, view our events page for more information.

This is the tracklist:


We have also updated the meetings page, providing you with many new information about these remarkable encounters François had during his career.

09 May 2007

Honorary title

Honorary title


Recently François received the title of "Commander of the order of the Crown".

Radio Brass and cd recording

Recording Praha

The new cd entitled "Praha" will be one of the most versatile cd's François has ever made.
It will have strings,brass & percussion, piano and even some vocal.
The production is in the hands of Richard Pachman, the release is planned for September.

Pictures of the recording can be found here


This was the first concert of François with Radio Brass, bringing his Kenton/Praha program.

The pictures can be found here

12 March 2007

CD recording Prague

CD recording Prague


François will be recording a new cd in Prague, sponsored by Corsendonk bier, from 12/03-17/03.

This cd will include all his works about the city, more information will follow soon.

10 January 2007

"Het beste moet nog komen"

"Het beste moet nog komen"

Het beste

Today François was invited on the popular radio program of "Radio 1": "Het beste moet nog komen".
You can listen to the entire interview (in dutch) on their website.

01 December 2006

Concerts with Canzoenia

Concerts with Canzoenia

Concerts with Canzoenia

Pictures of the 2 concerts with the mixed chorus Canzoenia are online in our gallery.

Zoersel concerts and cd recordings

Zoersel concerts

Zoersel, the hometown of François Glorieux organized 2 concerts for his 50 years of career.
It was a great success and both concerts were sold out.
You can view the pictures here


François also worked on 3 cd's on which he plays several improvisations:

-One for the 75 years anniversary of the "Sint-Michielscollege".
On which he made 6 different improvisations on the "Lied van Sint-Michiel" in the styles of Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninov and twice in his own style.

Als de kerels te gare zijn

-Another one for the "Rodenbachjaar 2006" where he improvises on famous flemish songs like:
"Gebed voor het vaderland", "Daar zat een sneeuwwit vogeltje", "Pierlala", "Daar vaart een man op zee" and "Het loze vissertje".

Het Duinelied

-And the third cd "Het Duinelied", where François improvises in 3 different styles: Mozart, Chopin and Rachmaninov.

Last but not least, we from now on have the cd "Kenton Portraits" in stock.
You can view it here

30 August 2006

Visiting Prague

Visiting Prague

Visiting Prague

François was invited by his Czech friend Richard Pachman to stay at his house just outside of Prague.
He visited all the interesting locations of the golden city and had a very nice holiday.
François improvised on 2 songs, "Myslenky" (Thinking) and "Arrival" of R. Pachman and could finally play them for him.

Click here to view the pictures of François' visit to Prague.

Reception in the city hall of Antwerp for 50 years of career

Reception city hall of antwerp

The city of Antwerp organized a reception in honour of François Glorieux who celebrates in 2006, 50 years of career.
François was invited by the Vice-Mayor for Culture, Libraries and Monument Conservation, Philip Heylen.

Quote ATV news:"Een Kortrijkenaar die echt wereldberoemd is, werd zaterdag in Antwerpen gevierd voor zijn vijftigste carrièrejaar. François Glorieux speelde muziek met de allergrootsten ter wereld, zowel klassiek als modern. Hij speelde met wereldberoemde orkesten van over de hele wereld: Kiev, Londen, Berlijn, New York. Hij componeerde en arrangeerde nummers voor Stan Kenton, Michael Jackson en andere muzikale talenten. En zijn thuisstad Antwerpen liet dat niet zomaar voorbijgaan. Hij werd gelauwerd door de schepen van Monumentenzorg."

You can watch the news of ATV here and of course view the pictures in our gallery.


Kenton Portraits A Loving Salute

Tantara Productions has released a new Kenton double CD called "KENTON PORTRAITS A Loving Salute".

François Glorieux is honoured to feature on this cd with his three compositions dedicated to Stan Kenton: "Artistry In Trombones", "Tribute To Stan Kenton" and of course "In Memoriam Stan Kenton" of which Larry Routt said: "if the In Memoriam Stan Kenton does'nt bring a lump to your throat you must have no heart".

*click on the picture to see the tracklist*

05 May 2006



On this special event in La Monnaie - Salle Fiocco, Brussels, the Belgian Brass conducted by François Glorieux created the world première of PRAHA.
Which was a tremendous success.

Pictures are online in our gallery.

27 April 2006

School concerts

School concerts

François Glorieux always tried to teach teenagers about classical music and about the fact that it isn't boring as many think it is. He did it all along his carreer and is still doing it now.
Recently François did a few school concerts in the St-Michielscollege of Brasschaat.

Click here to see what the students thought of it (dutch only)

19 March 2006

Souvenirs of Prague

Souvenirs of Prague

The first performance of one of François's new compositions, "Souvenirs of Prague" was given in Boom by the Cosy Brass Quartet on the 18th of March 2006.

05 March 2006

Antwaarpse Awaards

Antwaarpse Awaards

François Glorieux received the International Award at the "Antwaarpse Awaards" that was held on the 4th of March in the Alpheusdal, Berchem. The public treated him to a standing ovation after his performance of a few of his most demanded pieces.

12 December 2005

A time for peace

A time for peace

Originally "A time for love" was given in "première" by organist José Fardeau in Greiveldange (Luxemburg) on 11 December 2005

02 November 2005

CD recrording in Riga

Recording Interludes in Riga

François was in Riga (Letland) to record Interludes for flute and orchestra.
François conducted the Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra with Carlo Jans as flute soloist.
This was the first part of the recording, François will return in 2006 to record other works.

We have some very nice pictures of the recording in our gallery.

François‘s biography out now

It is there ... finally. The fully authorised biography of François Glorieux. Describing a life and career as diverse as François‘s cannot have been an easy undertaking, but Henri Bultinck pulls it off with the necessary flair.

It is not a traditional biography. How would that be possible with someone like François Glorieux? It is an exploration of the life and work of a musician pur sang. The sometimes extravagant meetings and the many travels of the pianist - conductor - composer - improviser are told in a number of anecdotes. It also gives the critical reader a unique view into the often flawed cultural policies in Belgium and Flanders over the last decennia. The book contains lots of pictures and ends with a discography and an overview of his many compositions.

In short: an absolute must-have for every fan of François and his music. But be careful, it exists only in Dutch. Of course, nobody is stopping you to start learning Dutch right away :).

François made a trip to Prague last May, to celebrate the book going to the printers and of course he played a concert over there. We would not be francoisglorieux.com if we had not been able to put some pictures online.

15 March 2005

Major Price cuts

Major price cuts

We have lowered the prices for all the single-disc recordings. Many CD‘s went down by as much as 33%!

Now even with the expensive Euro, you have no reason not to buy that recording of François Glorieux, that you have always wanted.

As you probably already know, François has got a marvelously diverse collection of CD‘s:

  • Enthusiasts of the Piano should not be without his all-time bestseller: ‘The Beatles from Bach to Bartok’, nor without the recently issued CD: Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra. This CD is actually a long-awaited re-issue of ‘Manhattan’, ‘Divertimento’ & ‘Mouvements’. You should of course also have a look at ‘Piano Recital at The Love Boat’ volume 1 and volume 2.
  • Fans of classical music can find all that they are looking for in Divertimento and Spiel der Partner.
  • Recently, of course, François has been writing mostly for the brass instruments. His older works for brass and percussion are assembled on the aptly named The Complete Works for Brass and Percussion. This double CD lasts for more than 2 hours and contains some of the best brass and percussion music, you will ever hear.
    You can find his more recent work on Explorations! and Euphonic Moods, which makes you wonder why no more composers have yet thought of writing music for euphonium and violin. This unexpected combination sounds beautiful.

If you are not convinced yet, then, please, go listen for yourself. You can listen to the first 45 seconds of every track (in mono radio-quality, the actual CD's sound a lot better of course).

New products and a world premiere

We added some new products to our catalog today. You already know some of the pieces, like Euphonic Moods, but now they are also available for Euphonium players, who cannot afford a full-blown symphonic orchestra every time they want to show off their magisterial solo abilities.

Of course François has not stood still either. We are very happy to add some completely new pieces, like Sept Pièces Carctéristiques pour Euphonium ou Basson and Evocation.

Speaking of new pieces, on March 28 ‘Il Trittico Musicale’ (Kyotaka Izumi, Nick Ost & Tom Verschoore) will be playing in Lier. Apart from some well known music by Glorieux, like his variation ‘Piazzolla á la Tango’ on Rachmaninov and Chopin, they will be playing ‘Sept Pièces Carctéristiques pour Euphonium ou Basson’, which is a world premiere. Please have a look at our events section for more details.

On another note: for those of you who had not noticed, the picture galleries have been online for a while now.

18 December 2004

Relaunch promotion

Relaunch promotion!

In order to celebrate the launch of the renewed francoisglorieux.com website, we have decided to give a discount of 15% on every item ordered before the end of January 2005.

We hope that you will all enjoy this one time opportunity and buy François Glorieux's marvelous works at a serious discount.

Restyling francoisglorieux.com

Francoisglorieux.com has had a major restyling. After more than four years, the design and technology behind our site became outdated, so we recreated the whole site from the bottom up:

  • Payments have never been easier or more secure:
    • From within the European Union, you can transfer money to our bank account, using the new IBAN system.
    • From outside the European Union, you can pay with your credit card, through the 100% secure PayPal system.
  • The design has changed heavily: we hope that the site is much more pleasant to look at. You should also be able to find specific parts of the site more easily than before.
  • You can now listen to the first 45 seconds of every track of every CD we sell.
  • You can also listen to available music from the sheet music sections of our shop.
  • Our order form should be a lot clearer.
  • We have included some new sections:
    • News: Read all the news about François Glorieux, our website and products.
    • Events: Find out when and where François Glorieux is going to play or when and where his music will be played by others. (If you are a musician or you belong to an orchestra, playing music by François Glorieux, please fill out our event form, so we can put you on our site.)
    • Friends: Read about people François Glorieux has worked with, like Stan Kenton and Michael Jackson.
    • Pictures: Peek into François Glorieux's rich photo album.
    • Contact: Contact François Glorieux, the sales department and our webmaster through our contact forms.
    • Help: Find a site map, ordering instructions and some general information about our site's accessibility.

Read on ...